Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a website which allows students to receive a text message or email alert when a seat opens up in an ASU course.

Does it really work?

Yes! Getting into your class is just a matter of persistence. Since the site checks the course catalog frequently, we have a very high success rate for students finding seats in their classes. Most users are notified of an open seat within a week of tracking the course.

How can I get started tracking a class?


Register for a free account. During registration you can choose to provide your phone number in order to recieve text alerts or email to receive email alerts. (Or both!)


After signing up you'll be brought to your Classes Dashboard. Here you will find all courses which you are actively tracking.


To track a class, click on the "Track New Class" tab at the top of the page and enter the information for the course you want to track. You can track classes either by specifying their class number (a 5 digit number, also known as a "line number") or subject/number (such as CSE101, MAT300, etc). After successfully adding a class you'll be redirected to your Dashboard, which will now include your newly tracked course.


Sit back and relax. When a seat opens up (i.e. when someone else drops the class) you will be sent a notification by email, text message, or both!


Didn't get into the class even though you got a notification? Just login and click "Re-Track".

How can I change my notification settings?

Simply click the Profile button at the top right of your screen, and check the appropriate box under Notifications.

What if multiple students sign up to be alerted for the same class?

If multiple students sign up for the same class section, everyone will be notified of an open seat simultaneously. What happens beyond that is out of our hands! Survival of the fastest?

Thank you so much for getting me into my class!! How can I ever repay you?

Share the love. Like us on Facebook (with the button at the top of the page) or tell a couple of friends about the site!